Our Legacy

Committed to Care of Health

Lakewood Hospital Foundation (LHF) was established in 1956 and raised funds exclusively to support the mission of Lakewood Hospital. Investment in programs and services made a difference in the health and wellness of individuals and families across Lakewood and surrounding communities. Over a span of more than sixty years, the Trustees and staff of Lakewood Hospital Foundation translated the philanthropic spirit and dedication of area residents, businesses and organizations into generous gifts that provided Lakewood Hospital with a valuable financial base. This support resulted in initiatives directed towards new and expanded programs and services, patient and caregiver education, leading-edge equipment, capital expansion and free/subsidized care for the most vulnerable community members.

The decision to close Lakewood Hospital was announced in January 2015. Shortly thereafter, the Lakewood Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees announced its intent to explore options that would preserve the legacy of the Foundation and allow the organization to continue as a faithful steward of donors’ generous gifts. During that period, Lakewood Hospital Foundation remained an independent philanthropic foundation and continued its support of important community health programs already underway, while determining how to best help meet the evolving care of health.

In mid-December 2017, after an extensive due diligence and regulatory process, Lakewood Hospital Foundation was granted approval to transition from a hospital-focused development organization to a community-focused grant making foundation serving the former Lakewood Hospital footprint.

Our name – Three Arches Foundation – pays homage to our long-standing roots and embodies historical significance with the three enchanting arched doors that were once the entrance into Lakewood Hospital’s healing community. The logo symbolizes our unity as the arches architecturally convert to a single strength, with reflective light guiding our way. Together, they represent our collective hopes and aspirations as the past, present and future converge in the spirit of humanity.

Three Arches Foundation is proud to feature the photographic artistry of long-time Lakewood Hospital physician and former Lakewood Hospital Foundation board of trustees’ member Dr. Marcello Mellino. His photo Reflection of Care uniquely encapsulates our past and future paths as we continue a philanthropic legacy of caring for the community as the Three Arches Foundation.