Eligibility & Guidelines

Grant Eligibility

Inspired by our mission, Three Arches Foundation makes funding decisions through a strategic grant making process, investing in programs and services that advance health and well-being by specifically addressing access to care opportunities and barriers.

Grant proposals will be accepted from organizations that are recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  All requests must be aligned with our mission, focus area, and geographic focus. Please be sure you have reviewed this information before applying.


Grant Guidelines

Our values represent the guiding principles we share in our thinking, actions, decisions and responses for the benefit of our community. As such, we are especially interested in organizations that work with others towards a common purpose and grant requests that build on proven strategies, replicate successful existing models, or are the start or next phase of a promising model or practice.

Use of Funds: Grant funds may be used for the following purposes:

  • Capacity Building – strengthening an organization’s infrastructure, management, and governance to be more impactful, efficient, and effective

  • Operating – support of an organization’s day-to-day, on-going operating expenses

  • Pilot Project – a small-scale, short term test or trial that helps an organization learn how a large-scale project might work in practice

  • Program Support or Development – direct costs associated with current, new or expanded programs, services, and interventions

  • Program-Related Capital – equipment, materials, or space or renovation costs for a program, service or intervention

The Three Arches Foundation does not make grants to support endowments, fundraising campaigns (including annual appeals), membership drives, debt retirement and individual scholarships.

Award Size: The Foundation awards grants that typically range in size from $25,000-$100,000.

Grant Period: Grant award periods will vary depending upon the particular grant. Most grants are for one year. Grant periods for planning may be shorter, and multi-year grants (up to three consecutive years) are possible. Organizations are eligible for one grant per year, and are not eligible for another grant during a multi-year grant period.

Joint Request: The Foundation encourages collaboration and partnership among its grantees and will consider a joint request from multiple applicants, even if one of the applicants has already received a grant individually or plans to submit a separate request. A proposal is considered joint if two or more organizations are working together on a project and at least two of the organizations receive a portion of the grant funds to carry out the goals of the proposal.  If your organization is considering a joint request, please contact the Foundation prior to submitting the Letter of Interest.


Grant Proposal Process

Our grant proposal process includes multiple steps:

Step 1: The proposal process begins with submitting a letter of interest (LOI) describing the request. The deadline for submission is July 1st.

Step 2: If the initiative aligns with the Foundation’s mission and piques our interest, the organization will be invited to submit an application for further consideration.

Step 3: We may visit applicants during the review process in order to learn about the organization and proposal elements first hand. Please note that this does not signify nor guarantee an award. 

When developing your proposal, keep in mind the most competitive requests will: 

  • Be aligned with the Foundation’s focus area and geographic focus

  • Have an appropriate plan to monitor and measure outcomes

  • Utilize best practices

  • Continue to generate community benefit beyond the grant period

  • Offer an opportunity to the Foundation’s board of directors and staff to learn from - and with - our grantee partners

To help organizations prepare for the online process, a PDF version of our Letter of Interest (LOI) is available for review. This is provided for guidance only.

All information must be submitted via the online portal. No paper or email submissions will be accepted.


Key Dates

2019 Grant Cycle

May 1 - Grant cycle opens
July 1 - Letter of Interest due (5pm deadline)
August 5 - Invitation to submit application
August 23 - Application due
Mid-November - Funding decisions communicated