From Our Chair

W. Charles (Chas) Geiger III

W. Charles (Chas) Geiger III

It is a pleasure and privilege to introduce the community to Three Arches Foundation. This year brings long-awaited and exciting changes as the former Lakewood Hospital Foundation officially completes its transition from a hospital-focused development organization, to a community-focused grant making foundation that builds on a legacy inspired by philanthropy. 

At the onset of the transition, we shared our intent to explore all viable options as we contemplated our future direction. We considered the impact and successful outcomes that made a difference in the lives of the community during the hospital’s presence. We also reflected on the public spirit shared and entrusted to us by our many generous, long-standing supporters. During this time it became apparent that continuing our philanthropic pursuits stood out as the optimal choice.

Subsequently, we researched and analyzed information to help identify gaps in community health that could be positively impacted with further investment. These findings, as well as insight received from former donors and a wide array of community funders, providers, and leaders in healthcare throughout the Greater Cleveland area, offered a deeper understanding of the context for the work that needs to be done. Additionally, this allowed us to identify a structure that broadens our ability to collaborate through relationship-building and proactive engagement. This led to our repurposed mission of advancing the health and well-being of the citizens of Lakewood and surrounding communities and new brand identity as Three Arches Foundation. Over the next several years, the Foundation will invest in philanthropic initiatives that focus on two priority areas – Access to Care and Behavioral Health – with the intent of advancing efforts that generate positive, measurable and lasting impact within our communities. We look forward to sharing more information on these efforts throughout the year.

Sincere gratitude to our former Lakewood Hospital Foundation trustees for the many ways each contributed over the years, with special thanks to our most recent board for their unwavering commitment and collaboration throughout the systematic process that led to our re-envisioned strategy. There were certainly many considerations to weigh throughout the transition and the ongoing perseverance to keep the health and well-being of our community members’ front and center was truly appreciated. Finally, we extend a warm welcome to the new Three Arches Foundation Board of Directors whose collective insight and leadership will guide our continued evolution. 

The desire to make a difference in the care of health remains our inspiration as we begin a new chapter in our history and Three Arches Foundation looks forward to working with others throughout Lakewood and the surrounding communities to achieve greater impact.